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Projects & Custom Design

Pioneer Conveyor's has managed, engineered and developed small and large scale projects across a variety of industries. Pioneer works to ensure our customer's needs are met by simply solving their problems in efficient and cost effective ways. Our engineers are versatile and experienced across many industrial arenas, and use state-of-the-art technologies to develop and create our customer's visions.

Bulk Material Handling

Pioneer Conveyor can design, engineer and accomodate all of your general material handling needs.

Above ground coal transport

Pioneer Conveyor - above ground conveyor 1Pioneer Conveyor - above ground conveyor 2Pioneer Conveyor - above ground conveyor 3

Underground coal transport

Pioneer Conveyor - underground conveyor 1Pioneer Conveyor - underground conveyor 2Pioneer Conveyor - underground conveyor 3

Truss Systems

Pioneer Conveyor - Truss Systems 1Pioneer Conveyor - Truss Systems 2Pioneer Conveyor - Truss Systems 3

Screening Facilities

Pioneer Conveyor - Screening Facilities 1Pioneer Conveyor - Screening Facilities 2Pioneer Conveyor - Screening Facilities 3

Paper and Pulp Specialties

Pioneer Conveyor has engineered, designed and deployed customized specialty conveyors for the paper industry.

Wet Lap Conveyor

Pioneer Conveyor - wet lap conveyor 1Pioneer Conveyor - wet lap conveyor 2Pioneer Conveyor - wet lap conveyor 3

Salt and Sand Conveying

Pioneer Conveyor's radial pivot boom designed for a salt ship load out cell in the tropics.

Salt Ship Load Out

Pioneer Conveyor - radial pivot boomPioneer Conveyor - radial pivot boom 2Pioneer Conveyor - radial pivot boom 3