Recent Project

Recently, Pioneer helped scout a location for LaunchPad Trampoline Park in Morgantown, WV. Once the location was secured, custom trampolines were engineered to meet compliance, designed to fit the footprint and installed across a rigid dead line. The project was a tremendous success as Pioneer delivered the most economical system designed in the United States.

Custom Trampoline Manufacturing
Set the goal. Through Pioneer consultation, LaunchPad Trampoline Park was able to find a suitable building. Construction and development started on in late winter with a target of being open for the spring season.
Challenge Accepted! Turning an empty building into a fully operational trampoline park may seem easy, but it is no easy task. The installation crew began prepping the building while the engineerings began modeling and rendering the equipment. Let the professionals do it!
Time for takeoff. The installation crew wrapped up the installation with time to spare which allowed for a soft launch that was a tremendous success. For photos of the final product see the Gallery below.




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