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Pioneer Conveyor - Idler Specifications

30mm Seal Product

30mm Seal Design
Available in 1/4" wall or Seven Gage Tube ASTM 513 Specified Steel Tube with tight tolerance on Ovality, OD, and Straightness
External Labyrinth Seal diverts contaminants away from bearing cavity by centrifugal force
Labyrinth Seal Kit is packed with Renolit ST-80 grease to retard contaminates from entering bearing cavity, and also carries oxidation prohibitors to eliminate possible corrosion due to metal condensation.
Area behind the inner labyrinth seal is filled with Uniwirl 2 Grease (lithum Complex) to prevent oxidation, and provide 3rd layer of protection to the bearing.
High Capacity Permanently Sealed 6306 Deep Groove Ball Bearing with 25% more than standard grease fill for harsh conveyor environment application.
Custom Bearing Cavity design to produce idlers with minimal TIR